Elven Secrets - The Hidden Moon Sun Realm

 Fremdsprachige Bücher / by Phoenix Rising Publishers / 94 views / Beliebt

There are alliances formed for eternity in the elven kingdom of Gwanfaar, with its spherical capital Marandola. The measurement of time is subject to Atouh, the god of magic and ceremonial order. For many years, there has been no king for the Silvan Elves, and the gates to the Otherworld are locked.
The son of the last leader, Gandolin, is approaching his coronation ceremony, but he guards a secret that is unknown even to his closest confidants. Even to Madinan, his childhood friend and closest companion.
Madinan is not an elf, and her origins are also a mystery that grievously haunts her, prompting her to venture out into the surrounding lands in search of her roots. To the borders of Gwanfaar, where gloomy shadows lurk and a sinister threat grows strong.
Can Gandolin survive the daunting tests of higher powers and become his people’s long-awaited ruler? It remains to be seen whether the elves will be able to stand against the greedy power in the west – but they are dependent on Madinan’s help. Shortly before Gandolin’s inauguration rituals, she disappears without a trace. Everything suddenly seems in question and a happy ending is doubtful…

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