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Flying is the most beautiful hobby in the world. It is the most beautiful way to move between heaven and earth in three-dimensional space. You don’t have to be an astronaut to see the beauty and vulnerability of the earth from above. You just have to want it.
I was very lucky as a private pilot for four decades with my motor glider, not only to see our beautiful Germany from above. Through my almost 1000 flights and just as many flying hours, I have got to know many airfields at home and abroad and made new friends. In this autobiography, I would like to tell my grandchildren in particular about my most beautiful, interesting and exciting trips with my ASK16 motor glider.
From my training as a glider pilot to my first solo flights with and without a motor to my last overland trip after more than 40 years as an active private pilot. Perhaps my experiences will awaken the flying virus in my grandchildren or in another interested reader. Then the work of writing this book was worth it.


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